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Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard: Articles, Books & eBooks

Enhance your Blackboard Course Area by integrating full-text articles, databases and e-learning resources.


It is possible to link directly to Onesearch for printed books, e-books, journal articles from anywhere in Blackboard.  You can link to:
  • Ejournals
  • Ebooks
  • Databases
  • Articles
  • Print Materials

It is important that these links are created to ensure they don't go out of date and will work off campus. Follow the steps below. 



  • Go to Library homepage
  • Select ejournals option
  • Search for journal name
  • Copy link for journal and paste into Blackboard


  • Search OneSearch for the ebook
  • Apply book/ebook & Full Text Online facet
  • Click on Permalink.
  • Click on COPY, paste into blackboard

Print material

  • Search OneSearch for the book 
  • Click on Permalink 
  • Click on Copy, paste into blackboard.


  • Go to Library homepage
  • Select databases option
  • Search for database name
  • Click database names
  • Click on Permanent Link
  • Copy link for database from address bar and paste into blackboard


  • Search OneSearch for the article
  • Apply Journal Article Facet.
  • Click on  Permalink
  • Click on COPY, paste into blackboard

If the article is not available through OneSearch:

Select ejournals on Library homepage Enter journal title and navigate to the article title launch

  1. Look for the Permalink or DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or Persistent Link given in the bibliographic data or in a top or side panel and copy that (Do NOT just copy and paste the URL from the browser window)
  2. URLs need to be preceded with
    DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) need to be preceded with



  • Always ensure there are no spaces in your finally constructed string






1. Login to your blackboard account (Ensure the Edit button is On)

3.Click the button for the course component where you want to add the links – e.g. module information

4. Position your mouse over the "Build content" menu and click on 'Web Link'

5. Type a name e.g (journal article), paste the URL, enter a description click Submit