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Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard: Embed a Libguide/Page/Box

Enhance your Blackboard Course Area by integrating full-text articles, databases and e-learning resources.


You can embed a whole “Guide”(see section 1 below) or a single page or box from a guide (section 2 below). Choose from our wide selection of Guides at

What kinds of boxes can be embedded? 

  • Liaison Librarian profile box with contact information
  • OneSearch search box for finding books and other library resources
  • List of recommended subject database
  • School Citing Style and guide
  • Avoid Plagiarism Tutorials

(Libguides box example)


You can embed a full guide instead of linking to it. It will look and feel like part of the Blackboard course and students don't need to leave Blackboard.

1. Go to the section of Blackboard where you wish to embed a guide: 

2. Select the  Build Content tab Select UCD LibGuides under the Mashups section

3. In the next screen enter the name e.g Academic Integrity. You can also enter a brief description

4. Choose Submit. The title and description of your embedded libguide will appear

5. Click on the title just created and choose your content type depending on whether you want to include a full guide, a single page or a content box

6. Next choose the guide that you want from the drop down listing – click on Please select guide… and then scroll to find the title you want to embed (don’t choose any guides under the Private Guides heading). You can also choose which guide page the student sees first. Click on Please select an optional landing page... and make a selection. 

7. Finally click on embed content. The process is complete.


Embedding a single page

If you embed a single page, your students will get a very focused set of information resource links: they will not be able to navigate to other pages of the guide, or other guides as no navigation tools are provided with this option. Follow steps 1-4 in the instructions to the left 'Embed a full libguide'. This time under choose your content type select Single Page

1. Select type Single Page

2. Choose the guide that you want from the drop down listing – click on Please select guide…

3. Then click on Please select a page… and pick the page that you want to embed

4. Finally click on Embed Content. The process is complete.

Embedding a single box

You can offer a highly focused single box e.g. key databases, key eBook packages. The advantage of this is that we maintain the links and any updates required to the URLS: your listing will update automatically as the data is pulled dynamically into your Blackboard module.

1. Selected Content Type as Single Page. Select Please select a page.....choose the page to embed

3. Now, having selected the relevant page, to pick the box that you want to embed: click on Please select a box…. and choose the box that you want:

4 Finally click on Embed Content

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