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Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard: Link to Libguides

Enhance your Blackboard Course Area by integrating full-text articles, databases and e-learning resources


You can include the relevant libguide as a link in any Blackboard content area or you can link to it directly from your course menu. Choose from our wide selection of libguides at

To do this:

1. Locate the relevant guide from the Library's LibGuide Homepage. (You can browse by subject or group or search for a specific guide)



2. To place the link in the most visible place for students follow the instructions below titled 'Add a libguide to the content menu'. If you would prefer to place the links somewhere else in blackboard such as within a content area or folder see below 'Add a libguide to a content area'.


Add a libguide to the content menu

1. In your Blackboard course click on the left menu (+) and select 'Web Link'

2. Give the Libguide a name and paste the guides url. Please ensure to enable  'Available to users' checkbox. Click Submit.

3. The libguide is now easily accessible directly from the Blackboard course menu. You can link to our complete list of libguides or individual libguides e.g (Maths Libguide)


Add a libguide to a content area

1. Select the guide and Copy the guide's URL

2 . Select the content area from your Blackboard course where you would like to create a web link.

3. When the content area appears, move your mouse over the Build Content option.

4. When the Build Content menu appears, click on Web Link.

5. When the Create Web Link menu appears, type the name of the link (e.g. Archaeology Libguide) and copy and paste the URL. Then click on the Submit button

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