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Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard: Plagiarism Quiz

Enhance your Blackboard Course Area by integrating full-text articles, databases and e-learning resources.

Online Plagiarism Quiz

This quiz can be easily embedded into your Blackboard module's assessment area once we have your module code. It comprises twelve questions and answers devised around the basic components of plagiarism and how to avoid it.

This quiz has so far been adopted for use in a total of 38 modules in 11 schools across the University.

Please contact Jenny Collery at with any queries at all regarding embedding the quiz.

In the pilot, with the School of Sociology (Academic Year 2008/09), incidents of plagiarism fell from 10% to 1%!

1st year:

  • This quiz was not compulsory however, students were strongly encouraged to complete the quiz before submitting their first assignment.
  • 86% of 520 registered students completed the quiz.

2nd year:

  • This quiz was compulsory.
  • 98% of 120 registered students completed the quiz before submitting their first assignment.
  • Incidents of plagiarism dropped from 10% to 1%
  • Students averaged 3 attempts to get a 100% mark.

The questions comprise:

  • 12 true/false or multiple choice type questions
  • Feedback for correct and incorrect answers
  • Embedded links to school citation styles
  • Embedded links to University Policy on Plagiarism
  • Embedded links to Library webpage on how to avoid plagiarism
  • Can be set to display for a set duration. 

The 12 questions are organised under the following headings:

  • What is plagiarism?
  • Citing
  • What is common knowledge?
  • Paraphrasing
  • Quotations
  • Citing a secondary source
  • Plagiarism and the Internet
  • Compiling your bibliography.

This quiz can be tailored to suit a school’s needs and/or to support every discipline and students at all levels. More questions can be added if required, emphasis and the examples used could be made discipline-specific. 

How is the quiz customized?

  1. We can send you the generic quiz in MS Word format.
  2. Highlight your changes and return the edited version to us.
  3. We will edit the quiz and import it to your Blackboard module.

Alternatively, you can make the edits yourself in Blackboard once you get the generic version from us.

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Embed the Quiz into Blackboard

Tutorial on Embedding UCD Library Plagiarism Quiz

View this tutorial to learn how to embed the quiz. Alternatively, following the written instructions below.



The quiz can be imported into a folder of your choice in your Blackboard module
  • Easily edited through the Blackboard control panel.
  • Accessed by students through Blackboard menu on home page.
  • Students grades can be viewed in Blackboard Gradebook.
Login to view the plagiarism quiz

Step 1: Go to Blackboard:

Step 2: Login details for UCD Library plagiarism quiz - don't use your
own login but this one :

Username: libguest
Password: library1

Step 3: Under My Modules select Plagiarism Course

Step 4: Three folders appear. You can see either a customised one by School or a Generic one.

Step 5: Select the name of the folder you want to access, for example “Generic Library Plagiarism Quiz.”

Step 6: Next, click on the name of the quiz, for example “UCD Library Plagiarism Quiz.”

You can review the quiz from here and identify any areas for customisation.


Embedding Library Plagiarism Quiz

Step 1: To import the quiz into one of your courses, save the UCD Library Plagiarism Quiz zip file below to your computer. Make sure to note the location you downloaded to on your computer.

Step 2: Login to Blackboard with your own credentials and navigate to course where you want to embed the quiz. Ensure that Edit Mode is switched on.

Step 3: On the Control Panel on the left, click on CourseTools

Step 4: Select Tests, Surveys and Polls.

Step 5: Click on Tests in the main panel display.

Step 6: From the blue menu bar at the top select Import Test.

Step 7: Under Option 1, Test Import, select Browse My Computer.

Step 8: Navigate to the place where you saved the UCD Library Generic Plagiarism Quiz zip file.

Step 9: Select the File and click Open.

Step 10: The file should appear in Blackboard beside the words File Name. Under Option 2, click Submit

Step 11: On the Test Import Complete screen that appears click OK. It is at this stage you can edit the test and add, modify or delete any questions if required.

Step 12: The next step is to Deploy the test, or make it available to students. Navigate to the course area where you want the students to access the test. Under the Assessments drop down menu from the top select Test.

Step 13: The Create Test screen will appear. Under Add Test the test you have imported will appear in the Add an Existing Test box.

Step 14: Select the test you wish to deploy and click 

Step 16: The Test Options screen will now appear.

Step 17: Under Test Availability select the Yes radio button under Make Link Available and Yes if you wish the Add a New Announcement for this test.

Step 18: Select Multiple Attempts – Allow Unlimited Attempts.

Step 19: Set the appropriate dates at the Display After and Display Until options.

Step 20: At the Show Test Results and Feedback to Students select All Answers under Answers. Then select Feedback and Show Incorrect Answers.

Step 21: Finally click Submit. Your test is now in your module and accessible to your students.


For measuring usage of the quiz we request that you notify the Library when you have embedded the quiz into one of your modules by emailing Jenny Collery,