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Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard: Reading Lists

Enhance your Blackboard Course Area by integrating full-text articles, databases and e-learning resources.

Link your reading list to the catalogue

It is possible to link directly to onesearch for printed books, e-books, journal articles that we have in the library. Linking reading list items directly from Blackboard to onesearch has many benefits.

Benefits for academics

  • Ensure that readings list items are available
  • Check to ensure numbers required for each 'loan type' are available
  • Ensure that required/latest editions are available

 Benefits for students

  • Link directly to the catalogue record without leaving Blackboard
  • Link directly to the recommended edition of the book.
  • Get a quick overview of what's available from the readinglist
  • Link directly to reading list books & journal articles


Example of reading list linked to the catalogue

Core Texts

Peter Berger, Questions of Faith, Wiley-Blackwell (2003)

William E. Connolly, Capitalism and Christianity, American Style, Duke University Press (2008)

Jürgen Habermas, Truth and Justification, MIT Press (2005)

Martha Nussbaum, Liberty of Conscience, Basic Books (2008)

Recommended Reading

M. Lamont and V. Molnar, ‘The study of boundaries in the social sciences’, Annual Review of Sociology, 28, 2002, 167-95.  

Tariq Ramadan, Islam, the West and the Challenges of Modernity, The Islamic Foundation (2009)


How to link a reading list to the catalogue from Blackboard

1. Select the content area where you would like to place your reading list e.g. (module information)

2. Select 'build content' - 'Item'   Create your reading list or Copy & Paste it from microsoft word
(or link the reading list items from the word document by highlighting the item, right click and select hyperlink)

4. To begin linking your reading list to OneSearch, Click on the arrow and select 'Edit'

5. For a printed book copy the Permalink for the book from Onesearch. See the articles and e-books tab for linking other items.

7. Highlight the title of the book and click on the hyperlink button

8. Paste the Permalink in the 'link Path' box and Select 'Insert'.