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Bibliometrics: Support and Training

All about bibliometrics, and how you can make your research output more visible.


Here you can find the slides of some of our presentations:

UCD Library support

UCD Library provides support and training for individual researchers and schools/institutes

  • to track the impact of your published research  
  • to support applications for promotion, tenure and grant funding  
  • to determine the most influential journals in a research are

During teaching term we offer a range of workshops for UCD staff and students.

For registration and a list of all researcher workshops see our UCD Library Calendar.

These workshops can be tailored for specific disciplines and presented in schools/institutes on request.

We also provide training materials on a range of topics in this area:

These have been produced as part of a national project MyRI in collaboration of UCD Library, DCU Library and Maynooth University Library. All items can be browsed and viewed from the project website.

You can use these materials yourself, or ask the Library to provide some accompanying training and awareness events for you.
Content includes:

  • Introductory material for those new to the concept of bibliometrics.  
  • Help in selecting a bibliometric tool.  
  • Using bibliometrics to support your C.V.  
  • Journal ranking tools.

Useful Resources


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