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ORCID: Add to Your ORCID Record

Open Researcher and Contributor ID provides a persistent digital identifier for researchers

Enter your works

Once you have created your ORCID account you can add your works to your profile. 

These can be:

  • Publications (journal articles, books, reports, dissertations, newspaper articles, websites, working papers etc.)
  • Conference materials (paper, abstract, poster)
  • Intellectual property (patents, licenses, registered copyrights)
  • Other materials (datasets, speeches, technical standards, artistic performances etc.)

Publications, datasets, and other materials can often be imported by using ORCID import wizards. By using your name or existing IDs your publications will be pulled in from the respective databases. Outputs can also be added manually.

ORCID import wizards are available for:

  • CrossRef Metadata Search (journal articles, conference proceedings and monographs)
  • Europe PubMed Central (all of PubMed, 500K records from Agricola that cannot be found in PubMed, 4 million Patents and 2.6 million full text articles shared with PMC in the USA)
  • ISNI2ORCID (ISNI records)
  • ResearcherID (publications connected to the Thomson Reuters identifier)
  • Scopus (publications connected to the Scopus identifier)

Provide personal information

You may wish to add further personal and professional information about yourself. This is not a requirement, but it can help to raise your visibility.

  • Names: Add different variants of your name so that all of your work can be found
  • Biographical information: such as education and employment history
  • Professional affiliation: This helps anyone searching for your name to know it's you
  • Keywords: these describe your research interests
  • Websites: add links to other systems that you use, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, ResearcherID, blog, personal or institution website
  • Email: you can provide alternative email addresses

You can choose different privacy settings for all entries individually.

Enter your grants

It is also possible to add grant data manually to your ORCID record.

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