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Collection Services, UCD Library: Patron-Driven Acquisition (PDA)

This guide provides information on the Collection Services Unit and the services it offers to academics, researchers, and undergraduates.


UCD Library has introduced a scheme that will give both academic staff and students the ability to influence the books that are purchased by the library through our online catalogue.

In our catalogue you may find book records which include a link saying “Click here to order this book”. If you click the link and fill in your details an order will be placed with our supplier. This service is only available for print books at the moment, ebooks will be available via this mechanism later in the year.

Citations are selected for inclusion in our catalogue based on detailed profiles built initially by experienced professional library staff. This profiling process will ensure that only citations of direct relevance to UCD Schools are added to the online catalogue and will be purchased through this mechanism.

To make the best use of this new resource, we encourage you to look first in the UCD Library catalogue when you are looking for a new or recent book title, or wish to recommend a new book for purchase by the Library.

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