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Evaluating Information: Why Evaluate?

This guide will help you assess the quality, accuracy and reliability of the information you locate to support your assignments and research.

Why is it important to evaluate

Your assignment grade depends on the quality of information that you use:

  • Always check the "last updated" date on a website.
  • Always check where the information is coming from.
  • Be critical – is the information found on the website actually answering your research/assignment?
  • Always cite your sources!

Evaluation ensures that you can use the information you find. It also ensures that:

  • You can back up your conclusions in projects and exams.
  • The source is fit for purpose.
  • The information is reliable.
  • You develop your critical thinking skills.

Sounds like more work…?

No it isn’t! Evaluation of information can become second nature to you if you bear the following five key points in mind when looking at information in a web page.

Evaluating Information on the Web video tutorial

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