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Discovery Data in Vector Format

Sample image of Discovery contour layer data in Irish Grid projection overlaid on Discovery mapping from MapGenie


Discovery Tiles Index

Discovery Series data at 1:50,000 scale is available in vector format in Irish Grid projection for the Republic of Ireland.

The Contour Lines data in Irish Grid projection for Discovery mapping is also available as a separate layer.

Click on the Discovery Index above to find the tile (s) you need. Each of the 251 tiles which cover the country are represented on the squares above. Tiles for your area of interest are available to obtain by request in Richview Library.

For each square shown above two tiles can be supplied, e.g. 1838_C for the contour lines layer and 1838_D for the Discovery vector layer. Don't forget to ask for both!


Here's an enlarged extract from the index which shows you how to find the right tile number:

Use the Eastings along the bottom of the grid, followed by the Northings along the side to get your tile number.

Read the number on the vertical line at the left hand side of the square you need. Next, read the number on the horizontal line below the square you need. In this example above the square coloured blue is tile number 2408