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Map Collections at UCD and on the Web: Show Your Data on a Map

Find, access and purchase maps at UCD Library. Lists of map resources and suppliers on the web. Examples of map symbols and scales. Copyright and booking forms.

Show Your Data on a Map : Google Maps

Follow the step-by-step guide in the pdf below to see how to display your data on a map 


Click here to link to the map

Show your Data on a Map : Scribble Maps

Follow the step-by-step guide in the ppt below to see how to display your data on a map

Are you creating maps for your research?

The use of maps enables the visualisation of data and helps to make an argument easier to understand.  As well as making a lasting impression they provide an eye-catching way to make data coherent, to see patterns emerge and to communicate research findings.
To encourage the use of maps in a wide variety of disciplines and to inspire our own PhD students and researchers to create maps without requiring a big learning curve we run workshops in Google MyMaps, Scribble Maps and StoryMap JS.
We would like to find examples of maps created by researchers / PhD students which used any of these mapping products to visualise their research outcomes or discoveries.

If you are interested in sharing a link to your map and some brief information about your research please get in touch by e-mail:
With your permission we’ll put a link to your map / research on this page.

Caquard S. and Dimitrovas S. (2017) StoryMaps & Co. The state of the art of online narrative cartography, M@ppemonde 121, 1-31 Available here  This article offers a comparative analysis of six applications for mapping narratives on the Internet.

How to Import an Excel Spreadsheet to ArcMap and Convert the Data to a Shapefile

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