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GIS at UCD and on the Web: Show Your Data on a Map

UCD Library GIS Guide

Show Your Data on a Map : Google Maps

Follow the step-by-step guide in the PDF below to see how to display your data on a map


Click here to link to the map

Show your Data on a Map : Scribble Maps

Follow the step-by-step guide in the PDF below to see how to display your data on a map

Are you creating maps for your research?

The use of maps enables the visualisation of data and helps to make an argument easier to understand.  As well as making a lasting impression they provide an eye-catching way to make data coherent, to see patterns emerge and to communicate research findings.
To encourage the use of maps in a wide variety of disciplines and to inspire our own PhD students and researchers to create maps without requiring a big learning curve we run workshops in Google MyMaps, Scribble Maps and StoryMap JS.
We would like to find examples of maps created by researchers / PhD students which used any of these mapping products to visualise their research outcomes or discoveries.

If you are interested in sharing a link to your map and some brief information about your research please get in touch by e-mail:
With your permission we’ll put a link to your map / research on this page.

Caquard S. and Dimitrovas S. (2017) StoryMaps & Co. The state of the art of online narrative cartography, M@ppemonde 121, 1-31 Available here. This article offers a comparative analysis of six applications for mapping narratives on the Internet.

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