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Search Engines for Academic Use: Additional Google Functionality

Get the best out of Google Scholar and its range of features.

Date Ranges

Limit results to a specific date range, e.g. past 2 months, past year. From your search results click on Search tools  and then Past year:

Including a date range in your search. Separate the dates between which you want to search with .. (two dots, no spaces). Use this for an older date range than the example above. Example:

Dublin housing 1900..1950

Links To and From a Site

Find basic information about a site, including pages that link to and from that site, by adding info: before the URL of the site (no spaces). Example:

Title Searches

Limit your search to specific word/s appearing in the title using intitle: as a prefix before your search term/phrase (no spaces). Example:

intitle:”The Tempest” gender

This will return documents that contain the phrase “The Tempest” in the title (but not "gender").

allintitle:”The Tempest” gender 

This will return documents that contain both the phrase “The Tempest” and "gender" in the title.


Use Google to translate a word and then listen to the translated word. Examples:

Translate apple to Chinese
Translate pomme to english

Use Google Translate to type in text or a website address, or upload a file.

Conversions and Calculations

Use Google as a conversion tool, e.g. miles into kilometres, temperature, currencies. Examples:

4oz in grams
€12 in £

Use Google as a calculation tool, e.g. maths. Examples: