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Academic Integrity - Referencing, Citation & Avoiding Plagiarism: Twitter

This guide explains what referencing and citation is and how to use the APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA and Vancouver Styles. It includes a short interactive tutorial on each style.


Reference: Twitter handle."Entire text of tweet." Twitter, Day Month Year, time, Location/link.

Example: @alaindebotton. "One kind of good book should leave you asking: how did the author know that about me?" Twitter, 27 Apr 2015, 5:51 p.m.,


  • (Author Last name)


  • In a recent tweet, Alain de Botton suggests that certain good books should prompt one to ask: "How did the author know that about me?"
  • Often a good book will make the reader wonder: "How did the author know that about me?" (De Botton) 


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