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Book Care Campaign: dontudare

An online platform, the home of the new UCD Library campaign to counteract defacing of our books



Welcome to the UCD Book Care Campaign

UCD Library started a book care campaign in 2016, and we are repeating the message in 2017.

Our aim is to draw attention to the unacceptable levels of book defacement and damage found in many titles.

Our printed collection is a resource for the current and future UCD community and clearly most users value it.

But unfortunately, there are some users whose treatment of the books is not acceptable.

This campaign aims to draw attention to the problem, and its implications for new title purchase.


What we are doing this year


Over the past year we have replaced over 1,200 titles which were extensively defaced and damaged by users.

This has cost us €30,000.

These were really badly defaced copies of textbooks, mainly in the Short Loan Collection.


We have printed posters and postcards, online publicity, social media campaigns, a themed free Library bag, and an animated Powtoon presentation.

There was a special display of defaced titles for a week in October 2016, the initial launch month for the campaign.

We will be focusing our campaign on the months of October and February each year.

NOW AVAILABLE! A free biodegradable plastic bag from any of our Library sites.