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Book Care Campaign: meet the book care culprits

An online platform, the home of the new UCD Library campaign to counteract defacing of our books

The Book Care Culprits

We have a whole family: the underliner; the commentator, the highlighter, the doodler, the daydreamer. 

And thanks for your campaign feedback - we can also mention, as suggested by Jack Hyland, The Snipper, cutting out chapters and diagrams from books.

And  we should mention too the Accessibility issue - those with a visual impairment have great difficulty reading items with highlights, underlines and doodles and the software they use cannot work properly. Thanks to Melanie Simpson for this feedback.

Here are our top four....look out for our range of posters and postcards.

The Underliner

One of the biggest problems is underlining.

  • In pen, in pencil
  • In one colour, in many colours
  • In a few places, in many places
  • On its own, combined with other things like doodles and highlights


The Doodler

Doodling takes many forms.

  • Colour, pencil, pen
  • In the main text, in the margins
  • In the front matter, on the end pages
  • Pretty things, pornographic things, other things

The Highlighter

Possibly the number one book defacement problem.

  • A single colour
  • A multicoloured extravaganza
  • A few sections
  • Every page
  • On its own, combined with underlines and doodles

The Commentator

All sorts of notes:

  • Opinions on the subject
  • Summarising the main topics
  • Totally unrelated thoughts
  • Lists of the most important chapters

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