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Finding Information Starter Guide: Finding Images

Very basic beginner overview of our information resources and how best to find books, journals and use our databases. Aimed at new students.

Finding Images

When searching for images online you have several different options.  UCD Library subscribes to many image databases, there are also lots of image websites, some with free images and some that require a subscription.  You need to keep in mind that most images are copyright protected and you cannot use without permission.  You can however use advanced search features to limit a search to images free of copyright.  You can check the UCD Library Copyright Guide for further information,


Free doesn't necessarily mean free to take.  There may not be a charge but you more than likely will need to give an attribution to the creator of the image.

Subscribed Image Databases

Key Free Image Websites

 Google Images 



 Wikimedia Commons

 Flickr Commons



Fotolia by Adobe / CC BY-SA

Library of Congress

  National Library of Ireland

  British Museum

  Museum of Modern Art