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Research Data Management: Collaborating on a Project

Bringing together University resources and services to facilitate researchers in the production of high quality data.

Collaborating on a Project

UCD’s IT Services can assist you with setting up a shared storage area for you and other colleagues for the purpose of sharing data.
If you want to share data with external collaborators during your research, consider:

  • Personal File Storage & File-Sharing on the UCD network

  • Online file sharing services such as Microsoft Sharepoint, Dropbox , Google Drive  and Box; these will store a copy of your files online and allow you to grant others access

  • Wikis, which allow you to collaboratively edit text (all changes are recorded) and upload files for sharing. You can use password protection to restrict access. Services such as let you set-up a wiki for free

  • Secure file transfer via FTP

  • Sending files by email: FileSender is a web-based application and is hosted by HEAnet, the Higher Education Authority in Ireland

  • Using portable storage media e.g. CDs, memory sticks etc. (sent by post / courier as required).

  • Encrypt any sensitive data to help ensure they remain safe from disclosure in the event that a laptop or other portable device such as a stick ends up lost or stolen. Encryption is the process of converting data into an unreadable code. You must have access to a password or a secret encryption key to be able to read an encrypted file; details on how to do this are available on IT services webpage. General guidance on encryption is also provided by the UK Data Service

  • Create an inventory for research centres: creating an inventory of data collections created and/or acquired by researchers helps to keep track of data resources held in a centre, and can be used for planning and implementing data management measures throughout the research process. Detailed guidance is available from the UK Data Service’s page

  • Further details on Data Storage options are available on the Data Storage and Security section of this guide.