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Research Data Management: Rights and Licensing

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Information on intellectual property is available from UCD Innovation

For more information on this area, licensing and also commercialisation aspects, contact Caroline Gill, Innovation Education Manager; email: 

Andrew Charlesworth: IPR tips and pitfalls for creating and using research materials


Intellectual property rights (IPR) include copyright, patents, trademarks and design rights. IPR grant creators or owners of a work certain controls over its use. Some rights such as patents require registration, while others, such as copyright, accrue automatically upon the work’s creation. IPR affect the way both you and others can use your research outputs.

Failure to clarify rights at the start of the research process can lead to unexpected limitations to:

  • Your research
  • Its dissemination
  • Future related research projects, and
  • Associated profit or credit

Research funders often expect you to clarify IPR at the grant proposal stage in your data management plan.

Creative Commons Licences

Copyright Scenarios

The UK Data Service has put together a number of copyright scenarios for data sharing including:

  • copyright of media sources

  • licensed data
  • interviews with “elites”
  • transcriptions from printed word into a spreadsheet
  • use of data obtained from the UK Data Service (or similar service)
  • re-use of existing survey questions

Licensing Your Data

In making your data available you will need to use a data licence to help others understand what they are allowed to do with your data.