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Open Access Publishing Agreements: Association for Computing Machinery

Discover the current open access publishing agreements in place, allowing options for publishing research open access at no cost to the author.

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UCD Library, as a member of the IReL consortium of Irish academic libraries, has entered into an open access publishing agreement with ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery.  During the term of the agreement (1st January 2020 - 31st December 2022), all publications from corresponding authors from IReL institutions (including  UCD) published in ACM journals, conference proceedings and magazines will be made Open Access at the time of publication at no cost to the authors. ACM will also automatically upload copies of open access publications by eligible authors from IReL institutions who are not the corresponding authors to IReL members’ institutional repositories.The agreement will also provide unlimited and unrestricted access to ACM Digital Library for staff and students in IReL institutions.

What titles are covered by the ACM Open Access Publishing option?

Corresponding authors from IReL institutions (including UCD)  will be able to have their research articles published Open Access in  all ACM journals, conference proceedings and magazines, in perpetuity at the time of publication at no cost to the authors.

The corresponding author is the person responsible for manuscript submission and all correspondence/communication during the publication process.

What is the procedure for Open Access Publishing with ACM?

When submitting a manuscript, the corresponding author must be affiliated with UCD (or another IReL institution) to be included under the agreement.

During the manuscript submission process you must correctly identify your institution (UCD) and you must use your UCD institutional email address, not addresses from other domains. For example: you should use, not or

Upon submission, authors will be presented with three publication options:

  1. Institutionally Paid Open Access (CC-BY open access) – the default option we recommend 
  2. Closed Access with Exclusive Licence to Publish  / Licence 
  3. Closed Access with copyright transfer 

What if the journal I want to publish in is not covered by the ACM agreement?

You can still make your article openly accessible by self-archiving it in Research Repository UCD via the UCD RMS (an embargo may apply depending on the specific journal).

This will fulfil the open access requirements of many funding bodies. For more information on how to deposit your paper to Research Repository UCD visit our help guide.

What period is covered by the ACM agreement?

The ACM OPEN agreement covers articles submitted between January 1st 2020 and December 31st 2022.

This means that if you submitted your article before January 1st 2020, regardless of whether it was accepted after January 1st, it will not be covered by the ACM OPEN agreement. Equally, if you submit your article on December 31st 2022 it will be covered, even if the article is accepted after that date.

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