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Poetry in Lockdown: Part XII

Covid Emergency

My head hurts
I don’t mean to be curt
Nobody has prepared us for this
There is something seriously amiss 
If this is the new normal 
Then there is a serious problem
We are all been asked to cope
Looking for messages of hope
Feeling slightly detached 
Keep telling myself to try and relax
They are saying nights out are a thing of the past
How long is this time going to last?
Fresh air has never been so valuable 
Makes everything a little more palatable 
Trying to stay positive the kids are back to school 
I hope they are able to follow the rules!
We are all doing our best
The most important thing is to try and get some rest 
Being told a vaccine is some time away
Endeavoring to enjoy life until the day
If you are feeling overwhelmed 
Please reach out to a professional a family member or a friend

-Liam Flanagan 
Submitted November 3, 2020


When we meet I stand two metres from you 
on Maingrard Street, close enough to say: 

stay with the calm climbing daffodil and heather 
stems after storm Jorge; hyacinth stalks 

bending under the unbearable weight 
of their own bouquet.

Coffee calls as we amble by Le Petite Delice.
Sinister symptoms hides apathetic, contagious. 

Wounds so tender lurk beneath skin as terrified
and retractable as a slug.


-Mary Lee
Submitted November 12, 2020

As We Enter the Day

Tangerine rises out of onyx
glimmers everything
yet what was is now unfamiliar
elders dear in silken strands
I hear a silent strangeness advancing
Spring arousing to nature’s call
nude trees draw him to their bosom
the shrill of a tiny wren overhead
out of bare wooden hearts
rich and confident blackbirds sing
Now is the time …
a time to moult
time of growth
a time to insure heart’s treasure
while together 
the world and his mother
stand still

-Teresa O’Connor-Diskin
Submitted November 17, 2020

When the world stopped

When all the world stopped, time slowed down
Even New York went to bed,
The people disappeared from the streets
And stayed indoors instead. 

The Pope addressed St Peters, 
Praying to an empty square, 
Where was the life, the noise and music?
It all just seemed so bare. 

The silent streets across the world, 
Could make your heart feel sore
Will it ever be normal again we ask,
Ever as good as before?

A time like this we have never known, 
But it doesn’t all have to be sad,
Despite the distance and the pain,
There is always good with the bad. 

We have found joy in the smaller things
The birds, the flowers, the sea
Walking in the rain doesn’t seem so bad
When there’s nowhere you have to be. 

We bring out dusty boardgames
Pick up old guitars
Search the bookshelves for the classics
Take time to watch the stars. 

And while we carry on trying to cope
We are grateful to our front line
Clapping and cheering from our doorsteps 
And hanging our rainbow sign. 

Our heroes aren’t wearing superman capes
But plastic gloves and masks
Keeping us safe, risking their lives
Not easy daily tasks.

One day we will look back at this time, 
The time when the world stood still,
And remember the kindness, the hope and the love, 
The power of good will.

-Lauren Naismith
Submitted January 20, 2021