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Poetry in Lockdown: A Pandemic Archive

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We continue to welcome poems and reflective pieces on the comfort of poetry during this pandemic. This archive holds the work of UCD students, staff, and alumni. We also welcome submissions from those with associations with the University, and from the wider community.

Thank you for helping to build this collection. Please send your submissions to

Find out more about how to submit your poems here.

Project Overview

Poetry can provide an opportunity for reflection during these challenging times. The Poetry in Lockdown project, which was initiated in May 2020, seeks to capture something of the experience of the pandemic for the UCD Community, reflecting their thoughts on the complex, ever-changing world in which we are now living.

A selection of the poems are presented on this page, in chronological order according to the date submitted. To browse this collection, click on the links Part I, Part II etc in the opposite column.

We will update this page regularly as we receive new submissions. 

We are grateful for the permission, granted by the poets, to share their work on this website and in other electronic forms, including social media channels.

A walk through UCD woodlands

Rain on leaves,
hopping and skipping.
Unsure whether it’s a toad,
or maybe a shrew?
No, it’s just a drop,
chaffinch on a treetop.
Drips and drops,
deep in the forest,
Hidden fox cubs eye me up.
In UCD – nature has taken over
her rightful throne.
Now, human,
do not usurp her place.
Let the rain cleanse us,
and step back,
and listen.
As the greenfinch screeches
and the wren belts out its tune.
repellent to the human touch.
Let it rain.
But, most of all,
let us learn.


Dr Anthea Lacchia

A Fiscal Fable? - Dr Eoin Ó Donnchadha

A Fiscal Fable?

A season watching fox's bed.
A wanting crop, so this was said:
'Oh fox, tell why in times of dearth,
You dump & bury yield in earth?'
'Dear wolf, I don't. I merely sow
Tomorrow's fruits; from these we grow.'


Dr Eoin Ó Donnchadha

Covid 19

Covid 19

The clear blue sky
Screen glued eye
A virtual bye
And then a sigh

A rule of 2
And the sea so blue

How can we cope ?
With no expectations
And too much soap!

James Doran


A Butterfly’s wing.

A beat on the window pane

Striking for freedom


A cocooner’s dream


Philip Brady