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UCD Green Library: Projects

Veterinary Medicine Library Refurbishment

The Veterinary Medicine Library, after heavy daily use for over 20 years was recently upgraded and refreshed . Using evidence-based decision-making criteria and comprehensive and careful collection management techniques, the print collections were curated. The space freed up from this work allowed us to add additional study spaces for students. In all cases we endeavoured to use environmentally friendly materials, and to up-cycle and repurpose furniture. The refurbishment project was completed in October 2022, and the space is now very heavily used by students.

 We recycled and repurposed the information desk

 We reupholstered chairs instead of buying new ones

 We acquired second hand chairs and group study tables from UCD Warpit

 We reused ends of bays to encase some of wall shelving units

 LED lights were added at ceiling height, reducing energy consumption