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UCD Green Library: Waste Reduction/Recycling

The bin waste in UCD is divided off campus, and recycled where possible. 

To encourage and promote the importance of recycling waste we have worked with UCD Estates, to install a range of segregated bins in the James Joyce Library. We will monitor the success of this pilot project, and hopefully roll it out across all of our libraries  - watch this space for more information!

We are eliminating 'single use' plastic in the library

Drinks in reusable "keep cups" are allowed in all UCD Libraries since September 2018

Encouraging the use of reusable containers reduces the waste generated by disposable cups



Our Book Swap, a collaboration with DLR Libraries, has been in action since April 2013

Unwanted books (DVD and CDs too!) can be left for reuse, instead of being thrown away

DLR Libraries donate their withdrawn stock to our Book Swap for reuse

Older withdrawn library books, not suitable for reuse, are recycled rather than going to landfill

UCD Library donate decommissioned IT equipment to Camara Education a not-for-profit social enterprise

Camara Education securely erase all data and refurbish the equipment for reuse in their projects

Equipment that is not suitable for reuse is recycled ensuring no waste ends up in landfill



UCD Library participates in UCD Warp It initiative (Waste Action Reuse Portal) , run by UCD Estates

UCD Warp It facilitates the reuse of furniture across UCD Campus, helping to reducing waste of quality resources 

We acquired second hand chairs and group study tables from Warp It for the refurbishment of the Veterinary Medicine Library




Library orientation freebies promote and encourage the use of biodegradable materials

We encourage students to reduce, reuse, or recycle

Past gifts include: re usable food wraps, biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes, and packaging free soap

Every year we create our main Christmas tree from recycled materials

Over the years, our tree has been made of withdrawn books, records, and even old library card catalogues!

In 2019 Greta Thunberg was chosen as the star topping our green 'sustainibili-tree '



UCD wide initiatives

Less than 10% of UCD's waste ends up in landfill

To find out more about how this is achieved visit Estate Services' Waste Management webpage

Upcycling Children's Books

We have taken books withdrawn from public libraries and upcycled them.  Children's books were given away at the UCD Festival and some remaining books were added to our Book Swap.