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Official Publications & the European Documentation Centre (EDC): European Documentation Centre (EDC)

The Official Publications Collection includes Irish government publications and the European Documentation Centre (EDC)

Search EDC Material

You can search for EDC material in the OneSearch resource discovery service.

Many of the documents and publications in this collection DO NOT appear in the catalogue. Please ask at the Information Desk on Level 2 of the James Joyce Library for help.

Much EU documentation is now available freely online, please ask for more information about this if you need help.

The European Documentation Centre

The European Documentation Centre (EDC) contains official publications and documents of the institutions of the European Union. This Centre supports study, teaching and research at university level, and is open to members of the public. Please ask at the Admission Desk of James Joyce Library for an access card.

This collection includes information on:

  • European law, including publications from the European Court of Justice and Court of First Instance
  • European policies and institutions, including publications from the European Parliament
  • European integration and expansion.