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Newspapers at UCD and on the Web: Our Main Online Newspapers

Newspapers provide a wealth of primary source material for scholarly research in many subject areas. Our newspaper collections are available in both online and print formats. This page summarises what is available.

The Irish Times Digital Archive (1859-2010)

Available as part of ProQuest's Historical Newspapers collection, the Irish Times Archive consists of:

  • A fully searchable digital archive containing an exact image of every page as published in the Irish Times from 1859 to 2010
  • Includes the Weekly Irish Times (1876-1958)

Irish Newspapers Archives

This database holds digitised archived regional and national Irish newspapers. This means that you can view the newspapers exactly as they would have appeared in their print version. Please note that this database is a work in progress. Its coverage is not always complete and some gaps occur. Its holdings include:

  • Freeman’s Journal 1763-1924
  • Irish Independent 1905-2001, 2010-2011
  • Irish Press 1931-1995
  • Irish Farmers Journal 1957-1998
  • Nation 1842-1897
  • Sunday Independent 1906-2002, 2010-2011

19th Century British Library Newspapers

This is a historical newspaper service which holds digitized versions of some 19th century British and Irish newspapers. This means that you can view the newspapers exactly as they would have appeared in their print version. It contains full runs of 48 newspapers from nineteenth century Britain. For a full list of titles, click on the “Browse Publications by Location” tab in the database.

Two Irish newspapers are included:

  • Belfast News-Letter (1828-1900)
  • Freeman’s Journal (1807-1900)

The Irish Times (1995- )

A full-text newspaper article database containing articles published in the Irish Times from 1995 to present. Full-text articles only, excluding images.

Nexis UK

Nexis UK is a major full-text newspaper article database offering access to a large range of English and foreign-language newspapers from around the globe. It includes regional, national and international titles. The coverage is largely late 20th century to present. The database is updated daily.

Irish holdings in Nexis

To access Irish newspapers titles, select “Irish Publications” from the Sources drop down menu. Irish newspaper holdings include:

  • Belfast Telegraph, January 1996-current
  • Irish Examiner, August 2007-current
  • Irish Independent, July 2006-current
  • Irish Times, June 1992-current
  • Sunday Business Post, August 2007-current
  • Sunday Independent, October 2006-current
  • Sunday Tribune, September 2001-2011
UK holdings in Nexis

To access the UK newspapers, select “UK Newspapers”, “UK Broadsheets”, or “UK National Newspapers” from the Sources drop down menu. Holdings include:

  • The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday, January 1992-current
  • The Daily Telegraph, October 2000-current
  • The Guardian, July 1984-current
  • The Independent, September 1988-current
  • The Observer,, October 1992-current
  • The Sun, January 2000-current
  • The Sunday Times, July 1985-current
  • The Times, July 1985-current
International titles in Nexis

‚ÄčThese include:

  • Die Welt, March 1999-current
  • El Pais, April 1996-current
  • International Herald Tribune, July 1991-current
  • La Stampa, January 1992-current
  • South China Morning Post, July 1992-current
  • The Moscow Times, December 1993-May 2008
  • The New York Times, June 1980-current
  • The San Francisco Chronicle, October 1989-current
  • The Washington Post, January 1977-current
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