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Digital Flipchart: Writing


Write use the supplied Magnetic Pen.

Pen / Brush Mode

Tap the bottom of the screen to select MODE
Tap Pen icon, then select Pen or Brush Mode.


You can use the supplied pen to write.

  • Thin Tip (A): Pen Type 
  • Thick Tip (B): Highlighter Type

Using the Quick Menu

With long presses everywhere, you can access the Quick Menu.

Quick Menu






You can use your finger or palm to erase your writing.


Using the Select Tool

Select icon   Tap the Select icon from the tool menu to edit.
   TIP: Use select tool to resize pen content.



Editing pen content:

Select Edit Pen

  1. Tap Select mode. A select box appears on the screen.
    Drag the of the select box to adjust the size.
  2. Tap Cut icon to enable editing for the selected area.
  3. Move, rotate or resize the selected area and tap Correct icon.
    Tap Abort icon to abort changes.

The changes apply to Pen content only.

Note On/Off

  Select the Note icon from tool menu.
  Add a layer over the screen to write or draw on.

  This can be useful for adding note to content from an external source.


Note Screen


Note Screen Table

Managing Rolls

Files are called 'rolls' in this product.

Managing Rolls:

Menu icon Select Menu icon form the tool menu.


Menu Screen

Menu table


Roll Browser:

Menu icon  Select Roll Browser option.
  Open, browse and manage rolls via the Roll Browser.
  Rolls are sorted by recent date or name. 


Roll Browser screen


Deleting / Exporting rolls:

Menu icon  Select Rolls Browser then Edit.
  Select multiple rolls to export or delete.



Rolls Select screen

Rolls Select Table


Page Viewer

Pages icon  Select Pages icon from tool menu.
  You can move or edit the created rolls for each page.



Page Viewer Screen

Page Viewer Table