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Lawyering Toolkit: Introduction

National Common Curriculum for Law Literacy

Welcome to the Law Toolkit


Welcome to the Lawyering Toolkit

This toolkit will support you in using legal resources during your study of law and open up a learning pathway from first principles to the workplace.

Lawyering Skills Pathway


It is suitable for all students whether studying pure law or other disciplines and those who wish to see how Law operates within and impacts on society. The toolkit is organised using a scaffolded approach where each section builds on information learned in the previous one.  The focus is on providing information at point of need and aims to address issues from novice to expert.  

Starter Skills 

Smarter Skills 

Top Notch Skills 

Employability Skills 

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Not from a Law background Skills

Offers support for those who are new students to the subject of Law

Builds on the starter pack  so you become more proficient at finding legal information Follows on from the Smarter skills pack covering advanced legal information literacy skills

Has a focus on employability and what a graduate will need to excel in the workplace.

Intended for those who are not from a Law background but need to find legal information

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Learning Inspiration

" I have always imagined Paradise will be a kind of Library".

Jorge Luis Borges


"Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage".

Judge Desmond Hogan

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This guide has been created by Susan Boyle, Virginia Conrick and Pattie Punch as a collaborative initiative through the BIALL Irish Group.

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