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Lawyering Toolkit: Employability Skills Pack

Working towards a national framework for law literacy

Employability Skills Pack


Employability Skills Pack

blue box   Everything you need to know to land that dream legal job

Step 1 Orientation

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What Top Law Firms expect

What Legal Firm Employers want

image of media interview

Graduate and intern recruitment team


What Government Libraries want

legal researchers

Workplace Ethics

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  • Ethics of the organisation
  • ​Ethics of the organisation and Ethics in the societal way

  • Empathy

Legal Technology

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Step 2 Reading

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Career Options to consider in Law


Career Path Information

Reading for Interview

Be Interview-Wise

Be Interview-Wise is a practical, engaging book on the preparation, tactics, and skills required to master the job interview.

Books on Working Practice

Step 3 Lawyering

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Employer Quick Tip

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Preparation is key when job hunting: ensure your CV/LinkedIn profile is up-to-date; when called for interview research the organisation; practice your answers & prepare questions for the interviewers.  

Skills Checklist

Legal Triage - what are stuck on?

Step 4 Learning Checkpoint

Learning Check

Learning Check tools



Let us know if there was something else you needed in the employability skills pack

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This guide has been created by Susan Boyle, Virginia Conrick, Ann O'Sullivan and Pattie Punch as a collaborative initiative through the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians (BIALL) Irish Group.