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Standards and Patents: Standards

An introduction to standards and patents, and key online tools to find them.

Standards Information

Standards are officially approved criteria designed to ensure that products and services meet minimum thresholds. They cover areas such as: Quality, Performance, Design, Safety & Environmental Impact. The Library holds Irish standards as well as subscriptions to the National Standards Database and IEEE Standards.

An example of a successful international standard is the universal USB connection on laptops and PC’s.

Irish (I.S.)

British (B.S.)

European (E.N.)

International (I.S.O.)

Many Irish Standards are developed nationally or adapted from European or International standards and can be found in the National Standards Database.

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Accessing Standards using OneSearch

The NSAI database provides full text access to Irish (I.S.), European (EN) and International (ISO) standards.  The full-text of standards are not directly accessible through OneSearch.  The following four steps will help you to locate the standards.

Search for "NSAI" in OneSearch on the UCD Library hompage.

Click on NSAI highlighted link.

Type in the standard number or keywords in the search box. Use Quick Search if you know the Standard number, Advanced Search works best for keyword searching.

The standards highlighted with a green arrow are available to download, save or print.

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Accessing Building Regulation British Standards

The full text of key building regulation British Standards (BS) can be accessed through the CIS Database (please note Irish and European standards also exist and maybe more pertinent for current projects) The following four steps will help you locate the full text of the standards.  The Library also holds many print copies of British Standards.

Search for "CIS" in OneSearch on the UCD Library homepage.

Select "Access Your IHS Products" from the two options.

Then select "The Irish Construction information Service Plus" from the menu.

Type in the standard number or keywords.

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