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Scholarly Communications: Promoting Publications

This guide provides useful information on scholarly publishing, such as finding the best journal, author identity, or promoting publications and communications.

Useful Resources and Guides



Promote your Research at UCD


Visit the UCD Promote Your Research website devised and developed by UCD Research & Innovation and UCD Library.

The website aggregates a wide range of information and resources from within and outside of UCD to help get you started on your journey to promoting your research, and is also available to download as a PDF.

Open Access

Open Access (OA) means that electronic scholarly research outputs (publications and, increasingly, data) are made freely available on the Web to all, with no license restrictions. Making your publications openly accessible in this way will increase their visibility and also potentially their impact, by allowing those without access to subscription journals to read, use and cite your work. For more information on the benefits of Open Access to your research, see our Open Access guide.

You can deposit a postprint or author's final draft of published journal articles, some book chapters and other document types in UCD's institutional repository free of charge. For more information on how to deposit your work visit Research Repository UCD through the link below:

Social Media, Networking and other Channels

Social Media 

Social media can be a useful channel for raising the visibility of your research and for communicating with both those inside and outside the academic community, including practitioners, industry and the media. 

You can use these channels to share links to your new publications, get feedback on ideas, and identify potential collaborators and those who may be interested in your research.

Some of the tools you may find useful for promoting your research include:

  • X (formerly Twitter)
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts, images and videos


Social Networking & Profile Sites

Research profile and networking sites allow you to connect with researchers or professionals with similar interests, and link to your papers and other publications to promote them. If you have deposited your research in Research Repository UCD, you can link to this openly accessible version of your work which will allow everyone to access the full text of your research. Some of these sites include:



You can monitor any mentions of your publications on various social media and networking sites using Altmetric Explorer (on campus access). This can help you to identify which channels and networks are most valuable and influential in promoting your publications. 


Other Ways to Promote your Publications:

Other channels through which you can increase the visibility and impact of your work include:

  • Presenting at and attending conferences
  • Sending press releases and writing newspaper articles about your research - you can also track and monitorany mentions of your research in mainstream media outlets using Altmetrics
  • Including links to your recent publications, and your ORCID profile etc. in your email signature and other communications


UCD Innovation Academy offers a module on Opportunity Generation & Recognition to PhD students, which helps students identify and articulate key aspects of their research in an engaging and practical way. As part of this module, each student produces a short video on their research which is a useful tool for sharing and promoting their research online.