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UCD Library and UCD Exams: Introduction

UCD Library is here for you during Revision Week and exams!

UCD Exams and UCD Library banner

We've reached the end of classes and assignments and now it's time to revise and get prepared for exams, which begin on Saturday, 10th December. However or wherever you study, we are here for you. Take a look at some of the info we have for you here.

We wish every UCD student the best of luck and success in exams!

Opening Hours

clockOur opening hours throughout the exams period (to Wednesday, 21st December) are as follows:

Please Note: Our Service Desks usually close 15 minutes before the library closes.

James Joyce Library

08.00-00.00 Monday - Friday

09.00-21.00 Saturday & Sunday

Health Sciences Library

08.00-22.00 Monday - Thursday

08.00-17.00 Friday

09.00-17.00 Saturday

Veterinary Medicine Library

08.00-22.00 Monday - Thursday

08.00-17.00 Friday

10.00-17.00 Saturday

Richview Library

09.30-21.00 Monday - Thursday

09.30-17.00 Friday

10.00-17.00 Saturday

UCD Blackrock Library

09.30-21.00 Monday - Thursday

09.30-19.00 Friday

10.00-16.15 Saturday

Contacting Us

Our staff are always here to help. If you have a query about anything please find a staff member at one of our Service Desks, or try us online via our Chat service, which is available during opening hours.

Chat with us!The Chat icon is on every page of our website - just tap or click the blue icon at the bottom right of your browser screen! 


questions?Did you know we have a database of Frequently Asked Questions? Go to to see the questions we've answered, or submit one of your own. We'll reply as soon as possible.

Study Spaces

Most study spaces in our libraries no longer need to be reserved, but a few areas in each library (and all our Group Study Rooms) still require booking. We want to accommodate all of our users, and some prefer to have a guaranteed space for a period of time. Please respect your fellow students and adhere to these rules - we appreciate your cooperation! 

To book a space in advance in any of our libraries go to

Please reserve spaces on Level 2 of the JJL (Lakeside)

Please continue to book the spaces on JJL Level 2 which look out over the UCD Lake. This is the only study area in the James Joyce Library that requires booking! Thank you.

Study Tips

Need some study tips to help you organise and prepare for exams? Please see our Academic Integrity guide for pointers on studying effectively and ensuring you are completely prepared for the exams period. It even includes a link to past UCD exam papers!

Tips for exam preparation

Exams Resilience

For the month of December we are highlighting books from our Health and Wellbeing collection. These books are located in both the James Joyce and Health Sciences libraries and feature books on topics such as managing stress, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, healthy eating and more that can help you to take care of yourself during revision and exams. 

Exams Resilience

Browse and borrow freely from the shelves or take a book from our Spotlight display shelves on Level 1 of the James Joyce Library. Our online guide has more information about the books. Some books in the collection may be accessible from anywhere as ebooks. We are steadily growing this collection so check back to the guide periodically.