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Welcome New Students: Our Study Spaces

This guide is designed to assist new students by providing an overview of our services, facilities and resources.

Study Spaces

We have over 3,000 study spaces for groups and individuals across our five locations!

The Library Hub located in the James Joyce Library is a social learning space that provides users with comfortable study spaces for collaborative and group study. The Hub is equipped with sockets throughout, desktop computers and individual study spaces. This space is located on Level 1, just to your right when you enter the Library gates.

Photograph of the Library Hub with pink and purple couches and decorStudents around a table studying with laptops in the Library Hub

The Library Hub, Level 1, James Joyce Library

A second Hub space is now OPEN. This is a new learning space on Level 1 of the James Joyce Library and accommodates social and individual study.


Learning Support is provided in our Library Links (1-3) in the James Joyce Library. Maths support, writing support and information training/learning support are provided within these spaces.

Photograph of the Library Link classroom with green circles on glassStudents around a table studying in the Library Link

The Library Link 1, Level 1, James Joyce Library


You can use any of our five libraries (James Joyce Library, Health Sciences Library, Veterinary Medicine Library, Richview Library and UCD Library, Blackrock) with your new UCARD.

A photorgaph of students at study spaces in Blackrock LibraryA photograph taken between bookshelves of a student studying in Richview Library. The Planning and Architecture Library

left: UCD Library, Blackrock; right: Richview Library


These libraries have great study areas too. Bright and airy spaces for individuals are available in the Health Sciences Library, as well as group study rooms in all locations.

Students Studying on the top floor of the Health Sciences Library. The cealing is made of wood and glass and is a very bright area Photograph of the bookshelves on the mezzanine in the Veterinary Medicine Library

left: Health Sciences Library; right: Veterinary Medicine Library