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Welcome New Students: Tutorials and Guides

Find out about our Tutorials and Guides

We know that starting university can be a daunting experience. We provide many resources and information on our website, and on our I am a UCD Student page, where you'll find guides and tutorials to assist you on your journey.

Please remember that help is always available. Call into any of our information deskschat with us onlinesubmit a question or you can email us.

Finding Information - A Starter

Learning how to become an effective information searcher is an essential skill that you will use throughout your time in university and in your professional career.

At the end of this 15 minute tutorial you will:

  • Know how to identify relevant keywords and subject headings for your searches.
  • Know how to structure your information searches effectively across a number of different online platforms.
  • Be able to use a variety of search interfaces in both academic and open web resources.