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Welcome New Students: Our Study Spaces

Our study spaces

Most study spaces in our five libraries have to be booked online, in advance of arrival. Some non bookable study spaces are available in Hub 1 and Hub 2 , our social learning spaces, located in the James Joyce Library 

Learning support, provided in the James Joyce Library Link spaces, include Maths Support Centre for undergrads taking Level 0-2 modules (maths and statistics);  Writing Support Centre for help writing essays and projects  (Book online, in advance), and Information training/learning support sessions provided throughout the year. Check the website for details. 

Introducing EXPLORE - our interactive floor plans for finding what you need in our five library locations!

If you are new to our libraries, finding your way to specific subjects and places can be a challenge.  
Use Explore - interactive floor plans to find the locations of what you need!

Explore has two tabs:
1. Subjects: will show the location of books by Subject across the five libraries. 
2. Places: will show the location of Self-Services, Study Spaces, Printers and more.

Explore - Interactive Maps

5 Library Locations

UCD Library Study Space Images

James Joyce Library - Level 3

James Joyce Library - Level 2 Carrel

Blackrock Library

Richview Library

Health Sciences Library

Veterinary Medicine Library

Learning Supports

Need help with your writing? Visit the Writing Support Centre, in the James Joyce Library, Link 2. Experienced tutors are available to assist you. Book online, in advance

Need help with maths or statistics? Visit the Maths Support Centre, located in James Joyce Library, Link 1. Experienced tutors are available to assist undergrads taking Level 0-2 modules.