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Humanitarian Action: NOHA

Refugees, displacement, disasters, migration, human rights

About NOHA


NOHA is a joint Master's Programme in International Humanitarian Action delivered as an inter-university multidisciplinary postgraduate programme providing high quality academic education and professional competencies for personnel working or intending to work in the area of humanitarian action.

The Master's Programme was first established in 1993 in response to a growing need for higher educational qualifications specifically suited to addressing complex humanitarian emergencies.  This inter-university multidisciplinary programme has 8 European Universities and 7 Global partner Universities involved with this programme.  

NOHA Partner Universities

Ruhr-Universitat Bochum (RUB) Germany

University College Dublin (UCD) Ireland

Uppsala Universitet Sweden

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG) The Netherlands

University of Warsaw (UW) Poland

Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) Belgium

Aix Marseille Universite (AMU) France

Universidad de Deusto (UD) Spain

NOHA Publications UCD

NOHA Working Papers Series

Journal of International Humanitarian Action (open access) Springer

Humanitarian Action Summit

World Humanitarian Summit

Irish Consultation on World Summit

NOHA Modules UCD

RDEV40110: Geopolitics in Humanitarian Action

This Module has four key components:-

  1. The evolution of humanitarian assistance within contemporary world politics;
  2. Tools from critical geopolitics and the human security approach to analyse frameworks for mapping the operational environment in vulnerability and capacity;
  3. Component Three is Theme based.  Guest lecturers will provide an in-depth analysis of key issues, namely Poverty and Human Rights, the Responsibility to Protect,  and Conflict in the Middle East;
  4. Component Four - Area Studies analysing the geopolitical context ofa humanitarian crisis.


The globalization of world politics : an introduction to international relations / [edited by] John Baylis, Steve Smith, Patricia Owens

 Book | Oxford University Press | 2011 | 5th ed.

Available at James Joyce, Short Loan Collection (327.101 BAY)


Humanitarianism contested  : where angels fear to tread / Michael Barnett and Thomas G. Weiss

Barnett, Michael N., 1960-

 Book | Routledge | 2011  [copy on order]


RDEV40200: Public Health - Medicine in Humanitarian Action

  • Introduction to Public Health and Humanitarian Assistance

Refugee health : an approach to emergency situations / [general editor: Germaine Hanquet]

 Book | Macmillan Education | 1997

Available at James Joyce, Development Studies/ REF (614 HAN)


  • Health Assessment, Health Systems and Water Supply

WHO Global Health Cluster Guide

Engineering in emergencies : a practical guide for relief workers / Jan Davis and Robert Lambert

Davis, Jan.

 Book | ITDG | 2002 | 2nd ed.

Available at James Joyce, Development Studies (363.348 DAV) plus 1 more

Humanitarian charter and minimum standards in disaster response Sphere Project ; editor, Isobel McConnan

 Book | Oxfam Publishing | 2000

Available at James Joyce, Development Studies (363.348 SPH)

Sphere handbook : humanitarian charter and minimum standards in disaster response

 Book | Oxfam | 2004 | 2004 edition.

Available at James Joyce, Development Studies (363.348 SPH)

The Sphere Project Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response

Third edition 2011 ISBN 978-1-908176-00-4   [copy on order]

UNICEF Global WASH Cluster website,


  • Shelter, Settlement Planning, Excreta and Waste Management 

Harvey, Peter  Baghri, Sohrab and Reed, Bob,  Emergency Sanitation, Assessment and Programme Design, WEDC, 2002 ??  ISBN 1843800055 WEDC Loughborough University  [copy on order]

Harvey, Peter, Excreta Disposal in Emergencies:  A field manual, WEDC, Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) Loughborough University 2007  [copy on order]


  • Food and Nutrition Security 

Food Security Cluster

Global Nutrition Cluster



Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support in Humanitarian Action

IASC Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings 2007 

[copy on order]


  • Vector Control, Health Promotion, NCDs and Module Wrap Up

Hygiene promotion : a practical manual for relief and development / Suzanne Ferron, Joy, Morgan and Marion O'Reilly

Ferron, Suzanne.

 Book | Care | 2007 | New ed.    [copy on order]