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Welcome New Students: Dos & Don'ts

Library Etiquette

Get a quick introduction to 'library etiquette' from your fellow students! See our YouTube channel for a full range of tutorials and other videos designed to help you use our resources and services.

Library Dos & Don'ts

See our short Intro to Library Etiquette video (above) for more tips on behaviour in the Library!


Do make use of the Library!

Do switch your mobile to silent

Do bring in hot or cold drinks in reusable, securely sealed containers

Do have consideration for other students

Do observe/respect the different types of study space - quiet study areas, Library Hubs

Do ask for assistance from the Library staff when you need it

Do book a group study room, and make use of the Hubs and Links!



Don't bring in food

Don't make voice calls

Don't disturb others around you


It's your Library, so DO respect Library property and do your part to keep everyone safe.


For all of our rules and regulations click here.