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Support for E-Resources: FAQ

UCD Library's guide to accessing electronic resources anytime, anywhere.

Westlaw UK - How to resolve authentication error

If you experience the error “SAML Authentication. The relaystate specified is not allowed” when trying to access Westlaw UK, you need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the library online tools
  2. Select Databases and in the database search box enter Westlaw UK
  3. When you are prompted, log in by entering your UCD Connect username and password.  You will now have access.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access electronic resources from off campus?​

Use our Online Library Tools for our e-resource links. To access e-resources from off campus you only require your UCD Connect login details. Please ensure your UCD Connect account username and passwords are valid.  If you are unsure of your UCD Connect username or password, please contact the IT Services helpdesk - Tel: +353 (0)1 716 2700 or

I am trying to access an e-resource from off campus but I get an ‘Unable to set authorisation cookie’ error message. What is this?​

You may see a cookies error message when logging into OneSearch from off campus. The most common cause for this error is browser, firewall, or personal privacy product blocking the off campus cookie from being set.
Please try a different browser or you can refresh the browser cache which may resolve the issue.

I am trying to access full text articles using a research and citation manager software and I’m being asked for the ‘Institutional proxy URL’. What is it?

Some research and citation manager software require the UCD proxy URL for access to full text articles from off campus.
Please use the following URL to resolve this issue:  

I have the DOI (Digital Object Identifier), can I get this to work off campus?

Go to our Off Campus Access Link Generator, this page will create an off campus accessible resource URL when provided with a resource PermaLink or DOI name.
To authenticate the URLs need to be preceded with

How do I set UCD Library OneSearch as a preference in Google Scholar?

In Google Scholar click on "Settings" in the top menu, then select Library links from the left side menu and type in "University College Dublin" in the search box.  Tick University College Dublin - OneSearch@UCD Library, click on Save 

Alumni Access to electronic resources...

In keeping with publisher agreements, access to electronic resources from off campus is only allowed to current UCD staff and students.  
For information on UCD Alumni Membership go to:​


Login Failed: We were unable to locate a Library Account matching your UCD Connect ID. What is this?

Your Library Account isn't required for accessing electronic resources from off-campus, it is only useful for tracking the physical books you borrow or renewing your current loans.  To access e-resources from off campus just go to OneSearch from off campus and enter your UCD Connect account details whenever you are prompted to log in.

I can't find an answer to my question on this page... 

Please use our E-Resources Support Form