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Social Media to Promote Research: X (formerly Twitter)

This guide shows examples of how you can use social media tools and networks to promote your research

Why use Twitter?

  • Discover & “filter” new research & keep up to date with emerging trends
  • Connect with new people and potential contacts
  • Find out about funding opportunities, conferences, calls for papers etc. before others
  • Increase the visibility of your research online
  • Communicate with audiences outside academia e.g. practitioners, policy-makers, the media etc.
  • Discover how people are engaging with your research, what they are interested in & get feedback
  • Use X (formerly Twitter) analytics to help track and monitor which tweets generate most interest/attention

What makes a good post?

  • Include an image / infographic etc. if possible
  • @ mention any relevant people/organisations to alert them
  • Use relevant hashtags to improve visibility to those not following you
  • Post an interesting or thought-provoking quote/comment
  • Try to encourage engagement/discussion
  • Use Twitter Analytics to help you identify the best times to tweet (i.e. tweets which get most impressions) and the type of content that gets most attention (i.e. tweets which have most engagement)

tweet example

Key concepts

  • Messages are called ‘posts’
  • 280 characters or less
  • Topics are referred to by using a hashtag #
  • Refer to someone by using @ before their username
  • Can ‘repost’ – send on/share posts from others to your own followers
  • Try to engage with people rather than just broadcasting information

What can I post?

  • Links to your own research (include an image if possible, @ mention relevant co-authors, funders, publishers etc.)
  • Share what you are reading with your followers (@ mention the author)
  • Comment on news/key developments in your field or share research insights (include relevant hashtags to improve visibility)
  • Promote seminars/conferences you are holding/attending
  • Share links to media appearances, newspaper articles, blog posts etc.

UCD Researchers on X (formerly Twitter)