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Research Data Management: Data Management Plans

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At a Glance

A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a document outlining how data will be managed within the research project and beyond. It can include information on:

  • Data description and collection or re-use of existing data
  • Documentation and data quality
  • Storage and backup during the research process
  • Legal and ethical requirements, codes of conduct
  • Data sharing and long-term preservation
  • Data management responsibilities and resources

Help@UCD: DMP Reviews

UCD Library’s Data Manager is available to provide a one-to-one review of your Data Management Plan, as well as tailored discipline-specific or funder-specific workshops to post graduates, academics and research managers & administrators.

If you would like feedback on your DMP from UCD Library’s Data Manager, simply complete the checklist available through DMPonline and select the ‘request feedback’ function.

Data Management Plans

A data management plan (DMP) is "a formal statement describing how research data will be managed and documented throughout a research project and the terms regarding the subsequent deposit of the data with a data repository for long-term management and preservation."

Some funders specify a particular template for their data management plans, however if one is not provided UCD Library has developed a Data Management Checklist to help researchers get started. The subsequent sections of this LibGuide are designed to help researchers complete relevant sections of a DMP.

Data Management Plans are designed to be working documents and should be updated as the project proceeds or if there are any significant changes to the initial project plan.

Sample DMPs