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Research Data Management: Funders' Requirements

Bringing together University resources and services to facilitate researchers in the production of high quality data.


The Library can assist with writing data management plans and can review them prior to submission with grant applications.


Help With Costs

The anticipated costs of depositing research data may be included in a grant application. Consider including costs relating to the preparation of data for deposit and ingestion, data storage, ongoing digital preservation and curation after the project, etc.

Bear in mind that good data management practices are not simply a drain on your budget. It can save you time in accessing the data and avoid the costly task of recreating data that has been lost or corrupted. 

Meeting Open Access Requirements in Funding Bids

Most funding bodies have open access requirements pertaining to publications arising from your research and, increasingly, your data.

Research publications: depositing to Research Repository UCD is the preferred method for meeting most of these funders’ requirements.

Data: An increasing number of funding bodies request or require that their funding recipients create and follow plans for managing data, storing or preserving it in the long term, and sharing some, or all data products with the public. Funding agencies require varying degrees of planning and explanation at the bidding stage.

Funders will respond more positively to applications that include clear plans for depositing to an open access repository and for managing, preserving and sharing their data. Areas which funding bodies may ask you to consider are:

  • Managing the data you generate – you will be asked to consider how you will document and maintain the research you produce, such as describing raw data and saving files correctly
  • Publishing your results – you will be required to explain how you will make the results of your research available, such as through published papers
  • Sharing your outputs – many funders now require open access of research outputs, particularly publications. You will therefore be required to state how you will try and make sure your publications are freely available, or if your data will be accessible through channels such as data centres / archives
  • Depositing and preserving your outputs – funders will want you to consider how you will ensure your publications and data are accessible in the long term, such as depositing papers in UCD’s Research Repository, or using a recommended data centre who will ensure the safekeeping of project data. Examples include the Irish Social Science Data Archive; and other research data repositories listed in:

Wellcome Trust

"If you are applying via the Trust's biomedical sciences or medical humanities funding streams and your proposed research will result in data holding significant value as a resource for the wider research community, then you will be required to submit a data management and sharing plan prior to an award being made. Data sharing plans are not requested for applications to our Technology Transfer and Public Engagement schemes".