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Research Data Management: DMPonline at UCD

Bringing together University resources and services to facilitate researchers in the production of high quality data.

Create your DMP with DMPonline at UCD

Create your DMP with DMPonline at UCD

At a Glance

DMPonline at UCD helps you to create, review, and share data management plans (DMPs) that meet institutional and funder requirements. UCD Library have created a data management guide with advice and suggested text tailored specifically for UCD researchers.

Users with a UCD Connect account can use Single Sign On to log in to DMPonline at UCD by selecting the "Sign in with your institutional credentials" button.


If you would like feedback on your DMP from UCD Library’s Data Manager, simply complete the checklist available through DMPonline and select the ‘request feedback’ function.

Help@UCD: UCD Library Data Management Checklist for Researchers

UCD Library Data Management Checklist November 2021

Welcome to DMPonline at UCD

UCD recognises that the management of research data is fundamental to both high quality research and academic integrity.

Writing a data management plan:

  • Helps you make informed decisions for your data from the beginning of your research project
  • Helps to create awareness and agreement on data procedures within a research group
  • Helps ensure compliance with legal, statutory, ethical, contractual and intellectual property obligations, and the requirements of funding bodies and publishers

DMPonline user tutorial - The dashboard explained

DMPonline user tutorial - How to create plan

DMPonline user tutorial - How to write a plan