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Library Services to Support Funding Applications and Research Projects: Before - Data Management Plan

Before : Meeting a Funder’s Requirement for a Data Management Plan (DMP)

Funders are increasingly expecting research data to be made available publicly and to this end will often require a “data management plan” (DMP) as part of the application / research process.

A DMP will facilitate the organisation and handling of research data throughout the research project, and also for the sharing and long-term preservation of that data after the completion of the project. 

The UCD Library Data Manager can help you to develop a research data management plan drawing from its Checklist and the requirements of various funding organisations. 

For more information please visit the Library's Research Data Management LibGuide:


Services include:

- regular workshops on data management planning that can be customised for you and your project team

- workshops on data management plans, tailored to the requirements of a funding agency

- review of individual data management plans – up to two hours per DMP.

Suggested Form of Wording for Use in a Funding Application