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Library Services to Support Funding Applications and Research Projects: Before - Publishing in an Open Access Repository

Before: Meeting a Funder’s Requirement to Publish in an Open Access Repository

Most funders require research publications to be made available in an open access requirement. UCD’s open access repository: Research Repository UCD, enables the self-archiving of research papers following publication in a subscription journal: 

Submitting material to the Repository is not intended to be an alternative to standard publication. It is a complementary approach designed to showcase UCD's research output, and to provide a searchable, multi-disciplinary, managed and curated resource. There will also be a link to the published version from the cover page of the Repository version.

For more information please visit the Library's Research Repository LibGuide:

Suggested Form of Wording for Use in a Funding Application


Services include:

  • Checking that the correct version has been submitted, in compliance with the publisher’s copyright requirements
  • Permanent link
  • Managing embargoes on your behalf
  • Linking from the Repository version of a paper to the published version
  • The provision of download statistics

Inclusion of Costs in an Application

Depositing to Research Repository UCD allows researchers to meet to meet funders’ open access requirements without the need to pay author fees or “article processing charges” / APCs.

“Gold” open access publishing refers to open access journals offered by publishers, for which the cost of publishing an article is usually covered by a one-off fee (article processing charge / APC) paid by the author.  This charge can be included in a funding application.