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Open Access for Research Impact: Open Access and the Humanities

Discover the wonders of increasing the visibility and impact of your research outputs.

Humanities and Sciences: Different Open Access Contexts

  • Monographs and book chapters remain important outputs 
  • National/language specific research
  • Integrity of the text
  • Greater inclusion of third party material within published work – copyright issues
  • Less grant & project funded research
  • Many more independent scholars
  • Less collaborative research
  • Started in the sciences - so the current model suits the sciences more; however the model is evolving

Projects and Developments

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has made approximately 20 grants totalling $9.5 million since December 2014 to help explore alternative business models and build university and university press capacities for long-form publishing in digital formats.

Book Chapters: the Most Invisible Research Output

Book chapters are difficult to discover as they generally are not picked up by Google / Google Scholar or catalogues. However, once they are in an Open Access repository, they will become visible; take this example below - A changed Irish nationalism? In the Research Repository:


In Google Scholar:



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