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Open Access for Research Impact: OA News & Developments

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Overview of recent OA developments (June 2018)

LIBER's 5 Open Access principles for negotiations with publishers

LIBER, Europe’s leading association of research libraries, has produced five principles for libraries to use when conducting Open Access negotiations with publishers:

  1. Licensing and Open Access go Hand-in-Hand
  2. No Open Access, No Price Increase
  3. Transparency for Licensing Deals: No Non-Disclosure
  4. Keep Access Sustainable 
  5. Usage Reports Should Include Open Access

Fair Open Access Principles

The Fair Open Access Alliance includes members such as Open Library of Humanities, MathOA, and the Center for Open Science and aims "to help transform the conventions of scholarly publishing, and return control of the publication process to the scholarly community". The Alliance has published a set of Fair Open Access Principles to provide guidance on open access publishing.

1. The journal has a transparent ownership structure, and is controlled by and responsive to the scholarly community.

2. Authors of articles in the journal retain copyright.

3. All articles are published open access and an explicit open access licence is used.
Submission and publication is not conditional in any way on the payment of a fee from the author or its employing institution, or on membership of an institution or society.

4. Any fees paid on behalf of the journal to publishers are low, transparent, and in proportion to the work carried out.

OA negotiations with publishers