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Brightspace - UCD Library guide: Books and eBooks

This useful guide will demonstrate the different options available for integrating UCD Library resources into Brightspace.

Your Feedback

The aim of this guide is to demonstrate various options for linking to Library resources from Brightspace.  As we are still learning about Brightspace, we welcome any feedback or questions you may have about the content, or suggestions/questions you may have about linking to our resources. Send email feedback to 

 Our Copyright Guide provides advice on legal requirements on the use of resources in your VLE.

Books and eBooks

It is important to link directly to OneSearch for books and ebooks. By using the permanent link you ensure that the  links will not go out of date and will work off campus.  See also the Off Campus FAQs for further information and assistance.

Find the item in Onesearch

Step 1 Click "Permanent Link" icon   then "Copy"

Step 2 In Brightspace select "My Learning" from the top menu

Step 3 Click "Upload/Create" and then "Create a Link"

Step 4 Add a title, then paste the URL and select "Open as External Resource" and click "Create


Example (Books and eBooks)

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Steps 4 


When both a print and electronic version is available in OneSearch

When OneSearch shows that we have both an electronic and print version of a book, the permanent link will opt for the ebook.  To select the print version, click on the "book" option and this will take you to the classic catalogue.  Locate the persistent link at the bottom of the page, right click and copy link address. In Brightspace select "My Learning" from the top menu, Click "Upload/Create" and then "Create a Link". Add a title, then paste the URL and select "Open as External Resource", click "Create".


Example (to select a print book when both electronic and print are available)