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Brightspace - UCD Library guide: Plagiarism Quiz

This useful guide will demonstrate the different options available for integrating UCD Library resources into Brightspace.

Online Plagiarism Quiz

New Development: UCD Library has now created a Brightspace Academic Integrity Course which includes an interactive tutorial, quiz and certificate. The course is available to all staff and students to enroll. We recommend academic staff review the new course to see if this might be more appropriate for their students than the quiz below.

UCD Library's Plagiarism Quiz has twelve questions and is designed to act as a formative assessment tool.

The 12 questions are organised under the following headings:

  • What is plagiarism?
  • Citing
  • What is common knowledge?
  • Paraphrasing
  • Quotations
  • Citing a secondary source
  • Plagiarism and the Internet
  • Compiling your bibliography


Module co-ordinators can embed the quiz in Brightspace using the instructions below. 

Please contact Jenny Collery at with any queries regarding embedding the quiz.

Students: this quiz can only be accessed if your module co-ordinator has placed the quiz in a module on Brightspace. Therefore, all questions regarding the quiz should be directed to your module co-ordinators.

This quiz can be tailored to suit a school’s needs and/or to support every discipline and students at all levels. More questions can be added if required, emphasis and the examples used could be made discipline-specific. 

How is the quiz customized?

  1. Import the quiz into your Brightspace module.
  2. On the properties tabbed page of the quiz, you can edit, delete or add questions.
  3. If you wish to view the quiz questions in advance, contact Jenny Collery,

In the pilot, with the School of Sociology (Academic Year 2008/09), incidents of plagiarism fell from 10% to 1%.

1st year:

  • This quiz was not compulsory however, students were strongly encouraged to complete the quiz before submitting their first assignment.
  • 86% of 520 registered students completed the quiz.

2nd year:

  • This quiz was compulsory.
  • 98% of 120 registered students completed the quiz before submitting their first assignment.
  • Incidents of plagiarism dropped from 10% to 1%
  • Students averaged 3 attempts to get a 100% mark.

Embed the Quiz into Brightspace


Step 1: Importing the Quiz into Brightspace.

  • Download the “UCD Library Plagiarism Quiz” file above to your computer.
  • Go to Brightspace.
  • Go to the module where you want to import the quiz and select My Learning from the menu on the top left of the screen.
  • Select Learning Materials from the left side of the screen.
  • Select Import ModuleImport Module Package.
  • Select Upload and navigate to the quiz file you downloaded.
  • Select Import All Components.
  • You will see a message “Your module package was successfully imported.”  Ignore the message about Viewing Content and go to step 2.


Step 2: Configuring the quiz for your module.

  • Select AssessmentQuizzes from the top menu in Brightspace. The Plagiarism Quiz should be listed here.
  • Select the drop-down arrow beside the Plagiarism Quiz and select Edit. You will be brought to the Properties tabbed page.
  • Review the fields on this page and make any necessary edits. You can edit questions, and at the bottom of the page disallow students from accessing emails accounts while doing the quiz.
  • Click Save if you made any changes.
  • Select the Restrictions tabbed page. You can set due dates and availability dates of the quiz here.
  • Under Optional Advanced Restrictions you can set at time limit.
  • Use the Special Access section to allow specific students additional time to complete, as required.
  • Select Save.
  • Select the Assessment tabbed page. Ensure that under Grade Item it says “UCD Library Plagiarism Quiz.” If this does not appear, create a grade item by selecting Add Grade Item and create a Numeric Grade. Set it to the Percentages grade scheme.
  • Attempts are set to Unlimited, you can change this if needed.
  • Select Save.
  • Under Submission Views, select Default Views. Here you can change the feedback students get when submitting a quiz attempt. For an explanation of what each option means, go to this link.
  • Select Save.


Step 3: Making the Plagiarism Quiz available in a module

  • Go to the module folder where you want the quiz to appear for your students.
  • Select the Existing Activities drop-down option. Select Quizzes.
  • A list of your quizzes will appear. Select the UCD Library Plagiarism Quiz. The quiz will appear in your module folder.
  • To proof the quiz, click on the quiz title and then select Preview. You can take the questions and see how a student would see it.
  • Your quiz should now be ready for your students.