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Vancouver Style Guide: Print journal article, multiple authors

This guide explains how to use the Vancouver Style. It includes a short interactive tutorial.

Print journal article, multiple authors

Reference: #. Author(s) Last name Initials. Title of article. Abbreviated journal title. Year of publication; Volume (Issue): Pages.


24. Lucan NM, Lee JH, Santorini T, Allerdyce MG, O'Carroll KB, Lowe HW. Optical nerve circulation in a zero gravity state. Exp Ani Circ. 2015 Mar; 25(4):55-89.


Use a superscript number (like this: ¹) in the text at the place where you are indicating that you are citing from a source.


Long term vision impairment has been observed in animal subjects exposed to microgravity environments.24

Note: For journal articles with multiple authors, the Vancouver style stipulates that you list ALL authors, regardless of number.

While not the style practice, if space is a consideration, the number of authors may be limited to a specific number, such as the first three authors or first six authors. Follow the last named author by a comma and "et al." or "and others."

Further details available here.

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