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Citizen Science: Events / News / Funding

This guide provides case studies, resources and information on relevant events to support UCD staff, researchers, academics and students interested in citizen science.


Doing Excellent Research with Citizen Science - Opportunities and Challenges

Prof Muki Haklay, University College London, spoke at the ENGAGED RESEARCH SEMINAR SERIES organised by UCD Research on March 8th 2023 at 1pm. Click on the blue link above to download the PDF of his presentation.


    Watch the seminar back on this YouTube video

Prof. Haklay is a Professor of Geographic Information Science in the Department of Geography at UCL. 
His research focuses on environment and society relationships, and he is the co-director of the UCL Extreme 
Citizen Science group. Prof. Haklay is renowned for the wider societal and economic impact of his 
work using citizen science approaches. 

The Citizen Science Funding Landscape

Online Thurs 9th March 2023 9am - 10:30 (GMT)

This event will provide participants with an overview of different funding opportunities for Citizen Science projects, on a national and international scale. The event will consist of a discussion with representatives of different funding sources at local, national and international level to discuss similarities and highlight specificities between the different approaches.

By attending this event, participants will have the opportunity to explore the wide-ranging Citizen Science funding landscape and get acquainted with new opportunities for Citizen Science initiatives.

A TIME4CS Project event

The event is now available here to watch back

Successful Strategies in Applying for Citizen Science Funding

This webinar organised by UNICA-Eutopia  Successful Strategies in Applying for Citizen Science Funding was delivered on 17th May 2022 

Awards / Funding

Grants and the European Union Prize for a Citizen Science project from IMPETUS

IMPETUS will support and give recognition to citizen science (CS) by enabling a wider range of citizen science initiatives (CSIs) to access innovative funding.

See full details here: